General Contracting


“My husband and I hired Eric to rehab one of our investment properties in the Chicago area. It was in such bad condition on the inside that it was practically a complete gut. Read on »

Residential, Multi-Unit, and Commercial Rehabs

Working with investors is second nature to us since we have been actively investing in Real Estate for nearly 2 decades. We bring a multi-dimensional approach to rehab or repair projects using our Realtor, Investor and Contractor background. Since we invest in real estate we understand the important components in evaluating investment property. This is very valuable especially for new investors. If you are a new investor, most contractors will try to take advantage of you, suggest cutting corners to make your project work temporarily. Or they may lack the understanding that maybe you don’t live in your investment property and don’t need to replace everything. At KCI Construction, we take pride in evaluating repairs and only doing what’s needed. We are mindful of what really matters to you during a project—the value of your property and the impact of the rehab on resale—as well as the details that other contractors may overlook— the durability of materials, Section 8 guidelines, and municipal violations, just to name a few.

How we service business owners

Most business owners don’t own the property that they are occupying, but lease space to house their business. These businesses could include a restaurant, beauty salon, barber shop, daycare, office, and retail space. We are very experienced in these working environments and understand that improvements are costs you will bear, not the landlord. We are unique and flexible contractors, accommodating unusual work hours, such as weekends, nights or early mornings. We will explore every opportunity to avoid disruption to your business.

If you are thinking of starting your own business we can provide a feasibility or bank estimate for your Small Business Loan packet. With our multi-dimensional approach as Realtors and investors, we may discover that it’s best to own your space instead of rent. Whether your construction needs are minor repairs or total rehabbing, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

Do you participate in the FHA 203K Renovation Loan program?

Yes. The FHA 203K FHA Program is an excellent program offered by the Federal Government through FHA approved lenders to allow first times buyers to purchase a property and renovate the home all in one loan for only 3.5% down of total cost. We are certified through various lenders as General Contractors to participate in both of the following two types of programs:
The standard 203(k) program begins with a feasibility study, overseen by an approved HUD consultant. Through this process, the FHA determines whether the improvements would be justified upon completion.

Along with the lender, the HUD consultant monitors the project’s progress and performs a final inspection upon completion. Escrow is then closed out, and the remainder is paid down against principal.

2. The Streamlined program is for smaller, less complex projects, borrowers can use the streamlined 203(k) program. This version allows homeowners to use a certified contractor to complete the job.

Both versions of the program have a six-month deadline for completion, although there are extensions available when warranted. Please visit HUD’s website for more information and contact your lender to get pre-approved.

Although we participate in the program, it does require a much more extensive type of estimate. As a result we provide an initial brief summary estimate to gauge your budget. If our price and service meet your budget, then we will provide a detailed estimate required by your lender.

Written 203K Detail Estimate Fees:

  • Single Family Homes: $300.00
  • 2 Unit Building: $400.00
  • 3 Unit Building: $450.00
  • 4 Unit Building: $500.00

Please Note: All fees will be refunded upon acceptance of the Job.