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Real Estate Investment Consulting

We have been investing in real estate for almost two decades and are excited to finally share our experiences as a service to those who have been interested in investing in real estate.

We provide a service, using a unique multi-dimensional approach that virtually eliminates all the risk on how to PROFITABLY invest in real estate, GUARANTEED!

Most of our competitors approach real estate investment from only one perspective.

  • Gurus – Many of the real estate “gurus” sell their knowledge of “how to” invest for a fee, provide some references and leave the rest to the individual to execute on their own. Our research shows that while this approach can be effective for some, it leaves much of the guess work to the new investor. This often results in poor execution of the techniques learned and sometimes, flat-out FAILURE! Because the new investor doesn’t have a guide through ALL aspects of a real estate transaction, they don’t understand the interrelations, resulting in poor investment decisions and lost time and money.
  • Realtors – Once someone is trained in investing in real estate, they’re usually instructed to find a realtor who will help locate the potential investments. Unfortunately most Realty companies are not focused on helping investors locate profitable investments. A traditional Realty company’s primary focus is to sell real estate and make commissions. This lack of commitment and understanding of the needs of an investor can lead to wasted time and poor investment choices. Now, Realtors are extremely valuable when you know exactly what you are buying as an investor and able to perform your own analysis. Again, not having an understanding of the interrelations between ALL aspects of the transaction can be fatal.
  • Contractors – In many cases, after purchasing a property the need arises for either major or minor improvements. Most investors are recommended to a general contractor or handyman to make the improvements. Unfortunately, most contractors are only focused on making the agreed improvements and have absolutely no knowledge of real estate investing. This is crucial especially when the contractor is feeding your emotions and doing unnecessary work that increases their profits. The goal is for the investor to increase their profits as a result of the contractor not to add to their pockets.

At KCI, we’ve analyzed these problems for nearly 20 years and created a system to eliminate 100% of the risk in making good, profitable real estate investment choices. Because each part of a real estate transaction is usually handled by a different company, each company has a very myopic view of helping their clients. Usually, they are more interested in selling their knowledge (Gurus), making a commission (Realty companies) or selling their service (Contractors) than helping investors make money. Thus, most of their respective clients end up spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars and still make poor investment decisions, or even worse, never even make an investment.

KCI is unique from any other real estate company because we approach real estate from a multi-dimensional perspective. We’ve developed the only company in the Chicago area that can help you or teach you how to invest by finding the property, making the necessary improvements and making sure your investments are profitable. This is done all under one roof! Literally. Our experience has shown us that many poor investments have their origin of breakdown in one those areas. Therefore, our philosophy is to assess the investment objectives of our clients first. Once we’ve determined the investment objective, we then proceed in administering a comprehensive investment strategy, using our in-house resources of the three major areas of the real estate and how they interrelate; now we guarantee a more sound and profitable real estate investment. We’ve created a completely HANDS-OFF comprehensive Real Estate Investment Program for those who just don’t have the time or desire to get involved on the day-day task.

How can we do what we say?

  • Owner’s Unique Expertise. Eric Fullilove has been investing in real estate for nearly 20 years and has bought and sold in excess of $20 million dollars of real estate. Educated as an Electrical Engineer from the (Illinois Institute of Technology), The Armour College of Engineering, one the top Engineering Schools in the county, he brings a very unique approach and mind set to real estate investing. Understanding that real estate investing is a set of intricately linked transactions that need to be in harmony in order for a positive outcome to occur, he has committed himself to mastering each area and created companies to do this for other investors.
  • Unique Multi-Dimensional Approach. Unlike most of the competition, which represents only one piece of a real estate transaction, we’ve created an organization that handles all phases of Real Estate Investing. There are no other companies in Chicago that does this. This arrangement allows each critical area to communicate with the other, virtually eliminating risks usually associated with a real estate investment.
  • State-of-the Art Office. We are the only real estate company in our local area with a state-of-the-art full service brick and mortar location. Most real estate “gurus,” general contractors, or Realtors operate from home or some other fly-by-night arrangement. Because we stand for integrity, we’ve opened a beautifully remodeled office to demonstrate our commitment.
  • Our Guarantee. When dealing with KCI we want our clients to feel secure. Therefore we have the following guarantee: If you allow us to locate a profitable investment, if necessary let us the make improvements, either re-sale it or manage the property and you don’t get pre-determined measurable results in 120 Days or less, then we will work with you until you do! Period.*

*(This obviously assumes that market conditions allow for the timely location of a suitable property)

It is through these efforts to thoroughly educate via hands-on training and delivering extra value that distinguishes KCI from other real estate companies. More importantly our multi-dimensional approach to real estate really sets us apart from the competition. Access to the founder of the company also accelerates the process of improving your chances of success in your real estate investment endeavors and allows us to stand behind our guarantee.

Our services

Our services include helping investors purchase rental properties, either residential or multifamily for long term investing. We also help investors buy, fix and resell properties for short-term investing. We teach you how to build a real estate portfolio and develop a retirement plan. Finally, we have added a NEW comprehensive Real Estate Investment Program for those who really want to invest in real estate without all the headaches.

I’m really scared to invest in real estate!

We understand the fears of investing in real estate: foreclosure, fraud, tenant management, repairs and maintenance, vacancies, lack of time, etc. We started our consulting company specifically because of these fears. We realized through experience that if your investments are properly organized through a time-tested system, you will significantly lower your risk, thus lowering your fear. We have made many mistakes and shared some of the same fears, but each time we educated ourselves and corrected the mistakes. The best part about your fear is that you get to benefit from our mistakes and fears. Now you can capitalize on the safest and most profitable way of investing by using our counsel and system.

But, the stock market is better and safer

We believe in having a diverse portfolio that can withstand any market. If you are investing in the stock market which would include strategic trading, 401K, mutual funds, bonds, etc, historically your returns would average 10-15% over a 20-30 year period. If you really think about it, you are investing in a company or companies that you have absolutely no control over. In today’s volatile market, if you are 60 years or older and have been investing in the market for 30 years and now you want to retire and cash out your money, you may be in deep trouble! You may be in a position to either take a significant loss or hope for a break-even point sometime in the distant future.

What’s so special about real estate?

The beauty of real estate investing is that it’s the only investment that can allow you make money in both the long term and the short term simultaneously with a low and controlled risk. This simply means that if you purchased a rental property, you have the ability to make a monthly positive cash flow after all expenses while the value of your property will appreciate on an average of 5% per year. The stock market is giving you 10 – 15% over a 30-year period. Real estate gives you 150% over a 30-year period based on historical figures. Imagine multiplying the 150% by multiple properties, and you have positioned yourself to fund your retirement or your children’s education, generate residual income or take out lump sums of cash. Investing in real estate is clearly the biggest no-brainer in the history of the world!

Stop procrastinating – let’s get started!

When using our consultation services we evaluate everyone’s goals differently. We tailor your investment plan to meet your goals. We challenge you to pick up the phone right now and dare you to make some extra money or turn real estate investing into a business. You can call our office at (773) 353 8787 to schedule an initial appointment.