Real Estate
Investment Program

Real Estate Investment Program

We are excited to finally offer a one of a kind totally hands off Real Estate Investment Program to essentially anyone who has the ability either to pay cash or obtain financing to invest into Real Estate without being involved in the day to day operations and being subjected to the normal risk involved.

We have been investing in real estate for almost two decades and are excited to finally share our experiences as a service to those who have been interested in investing in real estate but was either afraid of the risk flipping property or the nightmare rumors of becoming a landlord.

At KCI we’ve analyzed those problems for the last 20 years and created a system to eliminate 100% of the risk in making good, profitable real estate investment choices. Because each part of a real estate transaction is usually handled by a different company, each company has a very myopic view of helping their clients. Usually, they are more interested in selling their knowledge (Guru), making a commission (Realty company) or selling their service (Contractor) than helping investors make money. Thus, most of their respective clients end up spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars and still make poor investment decisions, or even worse, never even make an investment.

We are unique from any other real estate company because we approach real estate from a multi-dimensional perspective. We’ve developed the only company in the Chicago area that can find profitable Real Estate (Realtor), analysis and predict profits (Consulting), make the necessary improvements (General Contractor), manage the property after the rehab (Property Management) or Sale the property after the Rehab (Realtor). This is done all under one roof! Literally. Our experience has shown us that many poor investments have their origin of breakdown in one those areas. Therefore, our philosophy is to assess the investment objectives of our clients first. Once we’ve determined the investment objective, then we proceed in administering a comprehensive investment strategy. After applying our in-house resources of the four major areas of the real estate, now we guarantee a more sound and profitable real estate investment.

As Investors, you must understand your investment strategy. Your strategy will depend on your financial status, overall investment portfolio or even tax deferment using a self-directed IRA. Regardless of your strategy they will fall under two categories: Buy & Hold (Rental Property) and/or Flipping property (Buy, Fix, Sale).