Realty Services

For Investors


Many of the real estate “gurus” sell their knowledge of “how to” invest for a fee, provide some references and leave the rest to the individual to execute on their own. Our research shows that while this approach can be effective for some, it leaves too much guess work for most new investors. This often results in poor execution of the techniques learned and sometimes, flat-out failure. Because new investors do not have an advisor to guide them through ALL aspects of a real estate transaction they do not understand the important interrelations, resulting in poor investments decisions and lost time and money.

Once someone is trained in investing in real estate, they are usually instructed to find a Real Estate Broker that will help locate the potential investments. Unfortunately most Realty companies are not focused on helping investors locate profitable investments. A traditional Realty company’s primary focus is to sell real estate and make commissions. This lack of commitment and understanding of the needs of an investor can lead to wasted time and poor investment choices. Again, not having an understanding of the interrelations between ALL aspects of the transaction can be problematic.

It is for those reasons that we created a new Real Estate Investment Program specifically catering to all Investors. This program is the first of its kind and very difficult to duplicate because of our 2 decades of experience in Real Estate Investing, General Contracting and Property Management.