Realty Services

Property Management

Managing rental property can be a very easy task as long as you know and understand all the rules and regulations as well as understanding the psychological approach that’s needed in communicating with tenants. In our nearly 20yrs. of managing rental property, we have discovered that most investors who manage their own property and have trouble with tenants simply don’t follow the rules and regulations that will allow them to legally and professionally deal with these tenants.

You will find that all successful landlords have become a student of their trade. Most unsuccessful landlords are the ones you hear about on the news that are slumlords or money hungry. Then you have some landlords who take management personally and follow their own rules. See it’s no different than purchasing a McDonalds and not understanding how hamburgers are made or the Department of Health rules and regulations on meat products. As Real Estate Investors of rental property, it is your responsibility to make sure you know your product very well if we expect excellent results.

Unfortunately, as a result of most Landlords negligence, we DO NOT currently manage Rental Properties that we have not renovated. Most Landlords are “so called” renovating properties with just paint and carpet and not addressing the more serious issues that consequently will cause tenants to call frequently. We like to say here at KCI that, “If a tenant calls, then it will most likely be because of something they did, not us” In other words, we will rehab and maintain our properties to make sure that all the majors are addressed along with installing quality materials that’s less likely to break down, thus reducing the phone calls.

Property Management is equivalent to the heart beat of the body. This is why we created the Real Estate Investment Program because it’s our goal make sure you do not have a heart attack both figuratively or literally.

Managing Your Property

We want to make your life as an investor as simple and straight-forward as possible.  In order to that we use an all-inclusive fee approach in pricing our services so you get everything you need without worrying about additional charges.

Our STANDARD services package includes everything needed to find, qualify, contract and manage the tenant in your property.  These services also provide for monthly reporting and standard bill paying (such as utilities, maintenance and repair services), and coordination of eviction processes.

We also provide an OPTIONAL set of bill paying services at NO CHARGE for those clients who prefer little or no involvement in managing their properties. These services include:

  • HOA dues
  • Home owner (hazard) insurance
  • Property taxes
  • Monthly mortgage payments
  • Legal fees