Realty Services


“I hired Eric as a realtor to help me find my first home right out of college. I figured this was going to be a very stressful process because I did not know much about purchasing my first home. His knowledge of the real estate industry and Chicago help put my fears at ease. He was very thorough through every part of the process and explained in detail everything that was going on. I came out of the deal very satisfied, and believing that I got the best deal and home for me! Because of Eric’s knowledge of the industry and integrity, I would recommend him to anyone looking to own their own home!”

- Tiana W.

“I have used KCI Realty for my personal home purchase, for investment properties, and consulting. I must say that Eric made sure that I found the home that I wanted in the area I desired in a prompt and professional manner. With his vast experience as a Realtor and Contractor he inspected the property as we walked through and informed me of the cost of any repairs or potential hazards I may have encountered. I am very satisfied with the great lengths that Eric went to connect me with the finance company that helped me receive a great rate with minimal costs. After four years in our home we are still satisfied and pleased with the service we received from KCI. We received the same professionalism and guidance when we purchased our 4 unit building and single family rental homes. With Eric’s patience and expertise I have became not only a home owner, but a Real Estate investor as well. I just want to thank KCI and Eric for all of their help in assisting me in my Real Estate endeavors.”

- John R.

“My wife and I were having legal problems on a building for quite some time. This was becoming a burden, and we needed some sort of guidance because evidently, the direction we were going in was not going so well. With the vast knowledge Eric has of the real estate field, he was able to get us going in the right direction to handle this litigation. Also, with the years he has put into the business, he’s gained great association with key players in the real estate game. Me and my wife used every contact Mr. Fullilove provided. Eric insured the information and contacts provided by him would surely be of positive gain. He checked up to see if things were going in the right direction. He certainly didn’t have to do that. This guy is really serious about helping his customers.”

- James J.

“I have known Eric for quite a few years and he is one of the most knowledgeable realtors that I have known thus far. He’s always keeping up with the constant changes that occur in the real estate industry. Generally, if I have a question in regards to real estate (i.e. management, property analysis, landlord/renters rights, etc…), Eric is always up to date and has been able to provide valuable feedback in regards to the issue at hand.  I would certainly work with him on any future real estate ventures that I may be thinking about pursuing and I have every confidence that Eric would come through for me as he has in the past.  Eric is highly recommended and is a constant professional.  You can’t go wrong if you decide to employ his services and vast knowledge of the real estate industry.”

- Robert D.